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The Biggest Victim...You (Part I)

The Biggest Victim…You (Part I) | Tynya R. Beverly, Transformational Speaker


Some people are addicted to the trauma of the drama; they participate in a daily struggle against their own created turmoil. Some people are perpetual victims. Do you know anyone like this? There seems to always be struggle in the life of a victim. The people around them become unwitting performers in their dramatic scenes. Have you ever been an unwilling participant in someone’s drama or maybe your own?

The victim does not want to let go and move on, because they need to struggle and destroy, to live. That is the nature of being a victim. Blame is the getaway vehicle the victim uses to flee the scenes of their emotional crimes. The pain we carry within ourselves is flung and strewn on everyone we encounter; contaminating every peaceful moment with spots of uneasiness and discord. We are raging against ourselves. We fight outward enemies because we are afraid to confront the enemy within. As victims, we are deeply wounded people. Victim hood is dangerous to your peace of mind, your family, and your life.


When we try to help a person in victim hood, they can behave like a wounded animal that will bite your hand. A victim will suck you into their hellish world if you let them. A victim will keep you there forever, drama after drama, as their emotional support — as their prisoner. It will never end; every molehill made into a mountain of problems — mountains of madness. When you find yourself hanging off the cliff with someone in victim hood. Be careful. If they pull you over the edge, you may have to cut the rope. Sometimes letting go of someone is the only way to survive.

Definition of a Victim: A victim is someone who believes, sincerely, that they are at the bottom end of some personal conspiracy. That the forces of the universe conspires against all their endeavors, ironically, it is this belief that results in the endless gathering of evidence, by the victim, to prove this. Thus, it is often difficult for the victim to see the truth through this clouded paradigm of self-deceit and defeat



Tynya R. Beverly is a Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Practitioner, and Ministerial Intern at the Center For Spiritual Awareness located in West Sacramento, California. To book Tynya to speak, contact

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