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Embrace Change

Embrace Change.

If you are among the majority of us, letting go of what is no longer serving you and embracing the things that add value to your world can be rather challenging.

Especially when dealing with difficult life changing events. It is usually quite hard to let go and move on, but once you do so, you will feel free and realize it will prove to be the best decision you ever made.

Changing direction can be a fearful and painful process.

However, you must never allow fear to determine your future. Fear stands for, False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear exists only in our minds. Yes, it can be difficult to follow your heart when you are paralyzed by fear, but don’t allow your fears to deter you.

Use fear as a stepping stone to take you where you intend to go. Hold your head up high and utilize it for all it’s worth. Keep pushing. Some of us wait to make a move when change is involved. We wait for the perfect time before we take the first step.

Let me say this, there is no perfect time to change.

Oftentimes, the only choice you have is to let go and allow faith to take you where you need to go, because where you are is more painful then not changing. You realize that life is too short to wonder what might have been. You simply choose to be happy.

Take a moment and reflect on the fact that you are not the same person you were a year ago. You are in a different space today because you may have chosen to embrace change. Accept that you are always growing and expanding. This is the beauty of life. We get to become better than we were before each and every day.

And as we better ourselves, we become better to the people around us.

If you have not already done this yet, I encourage you to make a list of the changes you need to embrace in your life. Write down whatever or whomever is no longer serving your highest good. Remember, you are the only one who will see this list so be honest.

Write in great detail how you plan to make these changes to better your life. Once you have compiled your list. Work on it everyday and check off each completed change. Don’t worry too much if you have to stay on an item a bit longer than the others.

We all know that change takes at least 30 days to take root before it becomes a habit. The satisfaction is in making a sincere attempt. I wish you the best of luck in embracing change.

Tynya R. Beverly is a Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Practitioner, and Ministerial Intern at the Center For Spiritual Awareness located in West Sacramento, California. To book Tynya R. Beverly to speak contact

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